Happy new year 2014 ! (1177 Views since 2014/01/01)

Planet-BSD.net wishes you a happy new year 2014 full of news about *BSD !

PC-BSD 10-STABLE is out (1870 Views since 2013/11/14)

The PC-BSD team has announced the release of their FreeBSD 10.0 based system.

While FreeBSD 10.0 is still in a Beta stage, PC-BSD is releasing their product (as -STABLE, meaning that it's always evolving) on it.

The official announce is here

I hope the performance are better, because it was the biggest problem when I was using it.

FreeBSD routing trick : Reach a destination via a specific IP (2324 Views since 2013/11/13)

I've encountered an issue today. I needed to reach a subnet via my gateway, but using an IP alias on the same interface.

man route is very hard to read and I didn't find the solution easily. I can't add my subnet with "route add" directly because the gateway is already the same as the default one. The trick was the flag "-ifa".

For example, I want to reach, my IP alias is and my gateway The command will be :

route add -net -ifa

That's all ! This is the same as this linux command "ip route add -net gw via".

How to install Xfce on OpenBSD 5.4 (1516 Views since 2013/11/06)


It seems that the old article "How to install XFCE on OpenBSD 5.2" is interesting a lot of readers.

This article is an updated version for OpenBSD 5.4. The only thing that changed from my point of view, is the remove of the package "thunar-vfs".

Type this in your terminal, as root (this may be dangerous if you type everything you find on the Internet without understand it !)

export PKG_PATH=ftp://ftp.fr.openbsd.org/pub/OpenBSD/5.2/packages/i386/

pkg_add -v gtk-xfce-engine gtk3-xfce-engine notification-daemon-xfce xfce4-session xfce xfce-extras xfce4-appfinder xfce4-icon-theme xfce4-mixer xfce4-mount xfce4-panel xfce4-places xfce4-power-manager xfce4-quicklauncher xfce4-settings xfce4-terminal xfce4-xkb xfdesktop xfwm4 xfwm4-themes xfprint ristretto orage thunar thunar-archive

pkg_add -v xfce4-clipman xfce4-battery xfce4-cpugraph xfce4-dict xfce4-diskperf xfce4-fsguard xfce4-genmon xfce4-mailwatch xfce4-modemlights xfce4-mpc xfce4-netload xfce4-notes xfce4-screenshooter xfce4-smartbookmark xfce4-systemload xfce4-taskmanager xfce4-time-out xfce4-verve xfce4-wavelan xfce4-wmdock


Now that your packages are installed, you need to tell xdm that when you log in, you want xfce. You should modify ~/.xsession file and put : startxfce4 at the end of the file.

If you want to use another language than english, french for example, you should add this in your ~/.xsession.

export LANG=fr_FR.UTF-8
export LC_ALL=$LANG

OpenBSD 5.4 is out (975 Views since 2013/11/02)

The latest version of OpenBSD is out : version 5.4 ! As always, the project was on schedule (one release every 1st of May and November).

The full page about the changes is here : http://openbsd.org/54.html


From what I can see in the changelog, the majors changes are :

  • Support for octeon platform
  • Support for beagle platform
  • Syncing graphics intel drivers with linux 3.8 (which is not really old)
  • Some performance improvements with threads


From a package point of view, they are still at KDE 3.5.10 and Gnome 3 is in "fallback mode".

BSD Magazine : October issue out ! (2765 Views since 2013/10/18)

The October issue of BSD Magazine is out !

You can download it here.

I'll copy shamelessly the subjects list that you can find in this issue :) :

  • FreeBSD Moves to Subversion
  • Gentle Introduction to Programming in Clojure
  • The Revamped Life-Preserver – How New ZFS Utilities are Changing FreeBSD & PC-BSD
  • Migrating from Linux to FreeBSD
  • FreeBSD for C++11 Developer (Eclipse Indigo + CDT + GCC 4.8)
  • FreeBSD Programming Primer – Part 9
  • Improved Updates and LTS for OpenBSD
  • Column: The Computer Says “No”
  • Interview with Klaus P. Ohrhallinger

For what it worth, I'm the author of " Migrating from Linux to FreeBSD" ! If you want to talk about my article, you can comment on the blog or ask my mail by commenting.

Happy reading !

PC-BSD 9.2 is officialy out (1195 Views since 2013/10/07)

Just for your information, iXsystems has officially announced the release of PC-BSD 9.2 on their blog, 4 days after I made the announce ^_^

Downloading PC-BSD 9.2 amd64 with torrents (1596 Views since 2013/10/03)

I created the torrents if you want to download the files of this server with torrent protocol.

You should really check the checksums to be sure I did not add any backdoor to the system. You should not trust any download not official.

PC-BSD 9.2 is out ! (458 Views since 2013/10/03)

The latest version of PC-BSD is released, the 9.2 is no more in the "development" process.

Finally, a few days after the release of FreeBSD 9.2, the PC-BSD has been very fast to provide a release based on it.

FreeBSD 9.2 released (378 Views since 2013/10/01)

Today is the release of the long awaited FreeBSD 9.2 !

This version introduces nice features for virtualization, SSD performance, ZFS enhancements...

Add a cache or log device to a root ZFS pool (450 Views since 2013/09/30)

This mini how-to explains how to add a device to a root pool when you encounter this error :

root pool cannot have multiple vdevs or separate logs

We will see how to:

  • Add a disk to a pool
  • Add a cache device
  • Add a log device


Using PC-BSD : Third week (760 Views since 2013/09/22)

I made an entry on the blog about my first week on PC-BSD. Time has been passing so fast, I'm now doing the third week with PC-BSD !

PC-BSD 9.2-RELEASE RC4 based torrent (561 Views since 2013/09/17)

Talking with someone on PC-BSD forum, PC-BSD don't release anymore torrents to its files, so I created one. You can download the torrent here : PCBSD9.2-RELEASE-p7-09-11-2013-x64-DVD.iso.torrent

Of course, you should verify the checksum from the official CDN of PC-BSD, so you could be sure I didn't changed anything to the file : http://iso.cdn.pcbsd.org/9.2-RELEASE/amd64/

OpenBSD : Disable idle blank screen (376 Views since 2013/09/17)

If you are using OpenBSD and you don't want your screen to get blank after a few minutes idling. Just type this in a terminal :

xset -dpms
xset s off

You can add this command to your ~/.xinitrc file.

This thing seems totally independent from XFCE screensaver..

PC-BSD 9.2 based on RC4 is released (427 Views since 2013/09/15)

A new release of PC-BSD is out. It is based on the latest FreeBSD 9.2-RC4 which should be the last release candidate before 9.2.

Nothing extraordinary new, but the system consolidates well and always gets better. For example, my intel driver card is now working perfectly, it is auto-detected at boot and everything works out-of-the-box (graphics, wifi, bluetooth, sd card reader ...) !


Link to the download : http://iso.cdn.pcbsd.org/9.2-RELEASE/amd64/

Official announcement : http://blog.pcbsd.org/2013/09/9-2-rc4-images-now-available/

PC-BSD flash plugin (535 Views since 2013/09/14)

Hi, you are using PC-BSD and your flash plugin is not working in Firefox / Chromium etc... ?

Just open a terminal and type

flashpluginctl on

Then, you will get a confirmation like this :

Flash Plugin for user 'charles' enabled

 Don't forget to restart your web browser so the change can take effect !

Astonishing OpenBSD performances ! (292 Views since 2013/09/09)

I always felt OpenBSD was very slow, had troubles to get hardware working on modern laptops.

I just tried a snapshot of OpenBSD 5.4, and I just have so congrats OpenBSD developpers !

The intel graphic works out-of-the box ! PC-BSD has a loooooot of problems with it. Also, I can launch some games which were unplayable in the past. I tried Xmoto and Neverball, they run smoothly !

My touchpad has the scroll working with 2 fingers (PC-BSD doesn't). The only problem is the wifi card which isn't recognised, a Realtek 8188CE.

The whole system seems a lot smoother, the disk access seems also faster and Libreoffice doesn't seems slugish anymore !

WoW ! :)

PCBSD 9.2-RELEASE edition (332 Views since 2013/09/09)

The PC-BSD has just released a new version, based on Freebsd 9.2-RC3.

Daily use of PC-BSD : first week (361 Views since 2013/09/03)

Hi, I'm using PC-BSD now on my laptop. I'm able to boot it since I removed the nvidia optimus discrete card, which was blocking PC-BSD during the boot. And months ago, the intel driver wasn't enought mature to work correctly, but now, it works ! I can use PC-BSD ! So I'll tell you how is going my use of PC-BSD.

Technical problem with planet-bsd.net (289 Views since 2013/09/02)

As you have certainly noticed, the website is often down. The reason is that I have a fatal bug in one of the components I'm using for the blog, and I can't find what exactly makes it crashes.

I made a pretty big update today to the blog codebase. Pages will be generated totally differently, this will prevent failures and provide a boost speed of about +300%. I also made a bunch of fixes ! :)

Blog up again (310 Views since 2013/08/30)

Planet-bsd was down for a 10th of days, the domain name was expired. I have been thinking about keeping it or letting it die silently. Finally, I decided to renew the domain and keep this blog !

For its second year of existence, I will try to add more posts and keep it updated regularly. I have also some modifications on the blog that I'm thinking about.


Happy Birthday Planet-bsd !

Why are you using BSD ? (349 Views since 2013/06/17)

I'm interested in knowing why you are using BSD, or why you are NOT using it ?

You can send me your feelings by mail to bsd17062013@bsd.zplay.eu or simply by adding a comment to this article !

Here is a little list of questions you could answer to :

OpenBSD ntfs-3g complete ! (534 Views since 2013/06/16)

In my last post, I was talking about Paul Irofti porting ntfs-3g to OpenBSD. It's already done !

sysutils/ntfs-3g is now in ports, patches are needed on libfuse but that's now merged in the tree. What will be needed at the moment is to add two lines in the kernel config (yes, it mean that you need to recompile the kernel until the following is added to GENERIC)

option FUSE
pseduo-device fuse 10

That's cool to see ntfs support in OpenBSD ! :)

Porting ntfs-3g to OpenBSD and going back to MySQL (457 Views since 2013/06/13)

Ntfs-3g on OpenBSD

On the mailing-list ports@openbsd.org, Paul Irofti sent a mail this morning to say that he is actually working on porting ntfs-3g to OpenBSD.

Actually, it could be interesting for people using dual-boot, or for external drives using NTFS. OpenBSD doesn't support much filesystem, so new supports are welcome !

Going back to MySQL

While everyone is switching from MySQL to MariaDB, it seems that OpenBSD is going back with MySQL as MariaDB doesn't seem to work that well on OpenBSD. Here is the log message attached to the revert :

Revert back to using MySQL 5.1 for the time being. MariaDB 5.5 introduces
a new libmysqlclient non-blocking API which utilizes co-routines. The X86
specific GCC ASM co-routine support hid the fact that there was an issue.
The only fallback code so far is POSIX user contexts which OpenBSD does not

DragonFly 3.4 released ! (265 Views since 2013/04/30)

DragonFlyBSD v3.4 has been released ! Here is the official announcement


This new version brings :


  • DPorts, FreeBSD ports on DragonFly, which seems to integrate better than pkgsrc
  • New default compiler : GCC 4.7
  • New USB stack
  • Better CPU performance
  • Better tmpfs performance (nearly +800% if I rememeber well)
  • Lot of fixes



OpenBSD 5.3 pre-order ! (252 Views since 2013/04/02)

OpenBSD 5.3 pre-orders have started ! OpenBSD 5.3 is scheduled for May 1th 2013.

DragonFly BSD 3.4 in testing (293 Views since 2013/04/02)

A new version of DragonFly BSD is available on their git repository.

How to choose your distribution : Why I choosed OpenBSD (461 Views since 2013/03/14)

I wanted to share my experience with my operating system choice. I am a bsd / linux user and when it comes to choose your distribution, it is not always as easy as we could think.

PC-BSD goes rolling-release (269 Views since 2013/02/26)

ISOs are available on PC-BSD mirrors to try the new rolling release of PC-BSD.

OpenBSD on Rasbperry PI (1105 Views since 2013/02/26)

I see from my stats that most of the searchs leading to this website are about OpenBSD on a raspberry pi...

Boot OpenBSD from Lilo (367 Views since 2013/02/26)

I just want to make a reminder of how to boot OpenBSD from Lilo (this is certainly useful for some Slackware users like me still using lilo).

Quick comparison on virtualization hypervisors (541 Views since 2013/02/15)

I made a little comparison between all the BSD operating system, Linux and OpenIndiana virtualization hypervisors. It could be interesting for some people looking for information about what can be done on each system.

Install Xfce 4 on OpenBSD 5.2 (3669 Views since 2013/02/15)

We will see in this article how to install the latest Xfce (4.10) on OpenBSD 5.2. Xfce is a lightweight desktop with a lot of advanced utilities, it's not only a window manager !

PC-BSD Status and Future Plans (287 Views since 2013/02/12)

Kris Moore, the founder and a developer of PC-BSD, wrote en email to the PC-BSD testing mailing list outlining the his unexpressed frustrations with getting updates out and what work has been done and will be done to shift towards going to a rolling release. You can read the full email here.

BSDTalk222 - Tinkering with Raspberry Pi (252 Views since 2013/02/01)

Just a short blurb about FreeBSD on the Raspberry Pi followed by some wise words from Peter Salus at BSDCan2011.

File Info: 8Min, 4MB.

Ogg Link: http://cis01.uma.edu/~wbackman/bsdtalk/bsdtalk222.ogg or MP3.

Phoronix test suite (246 Views since 2013/01/30)

The phoronix test suite, a tool embedding a lot of benchmark has enhanced its BSD support in the latest version:

Official announcement : http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTI4Nzk

PC-BSD review on Distrowatch (290 Views since 2013/01/08)

Quick News !


The website DistroWatch.com has published a very-favourably review of PC-BSD 9.1.

Go to the Review !

Absolute OpenBSD 2nd Edition Pre-Orders (242 Views since 2013/01/03)

The best-selling standard work on OpenBSD, fully revised and expanded!

OpenBSD is the world’s most secure networked operating system, in wide use by Internet Service Providers, corporations, and embedded systems manufacturers. The original Absolute OpenBSD was the go-to work on this operating system, earning praise for a decade after its release.

This new edition is fully rewritten and contains the latest details about key OpenBSD features such as the PF packet filter, network VLANs and trunks, packaged software, building your own releases, diskless installs, and more, more, more. Absolute OpenBSD goes into depth on the features that set OpenBSD apart from the crowd of free UNIX-like operating systems. It beyond explaining what to type, and instead takes the reader into why things work that way.

Pre-Order the Book Now! Get BOTH the physical book and the ebook (in several DRM-free formats) from the publisher, immediately upon the book’s release. Use coupon code ILUVMICHAEL for a special Official Book Web Site Discount of 30%. Not only does this cost you a little less, but a wee bit more of your money goes to support the author’s bad habits. (Online orders are handled by No Starch Press.) You can also pre-order Absolute OpenBSD from online retailers such as Amazon and B&N.

Help the FreeBSD Foundation (263 Views since 2012/12/22)

If you like FreeBSD / PC-BSD, you should really consider making a little gift to the FreeBSD Foundation.




The FreeBSD Foundation is an association in Canada, its goal is to pay developers to get things done in FreeBSD and make events to spread FreeBSD. Actually, someone is paid to port the KMS intel driver, another one is paid to port a future netbook ARM-based so it works completely with FreeBSD.


OpenSource is about contributing (by writing some code for the most part), but people are doing it "for fun", and do what they want to do. Sometimes, you need to pay developers to do things that no one is interested in working on in their spare time, or where you lack manpower.


Even if you give only $10, your $10 will permit to achieve something!

PC-BSD 9.1 released! (230 Views since 2012/12/07)

PCBSD 9.1 has been released !

You can find an official mirror here

This hasn't been announced officialy yet! But some people here are seeking ftp with some magics scripts ;)

Raspberry PI and NetBSD / OpenBSD / FreeBSD (348 Views since 2012/11/23)

I added a "raspberry pi" category because most of the visitors are coming on this website looking for informations about "Raspberry pi" on *BSD.

Things are moving forward slowly. FreeBSD and NetBSD are the only one targeting the Raspberry Pi. As I said before, OpenBSD isn't interested in supporting this platform, and DragonFly is x86 only.

I will try to stay informed about the state of the Raspberry support on both operating systems and relay it on this blog.

Intel core i3 and PC-BSD (253 Views since 2012/11/23)

I'm following PC-BSD since a long time. I'm regularly testing each release, but those days, all my computers are equipped with "Intel HD graphics", the GPU which comes with Intel core i{3,5,7}, and FreeBSD wasn't compatible at all.

Today, I tried PC-BSD 9.1-RC3 and hurray ! My computer is fully working ! I can even play Minecraft with the same FPS as I can get on Linux, where X would not even ran in the previous release.

I want to thank all the developers who did participate in this, this is awesome ! I don't want a world with Windows and Linux, we need the BSD !

Finally, OpenBSD boots on this computer, but the developers stripped out everything related to 2D/3D acceleration in order to get it working, so you can get X on OpenBSD, but everything is a bit... sluggish. It's a matter of taste, for some people it might be very well, while others could find it very boring.

OpenBSD 5.2 released (244 Views since 2012/11/01)



OpenBSD 5.2 ISO's are available since a few hours.

OpenBSD 5.2


You will find all the information you need like the changelog or the mirrors to download on this page : OpenBSD official announcement


Here is the summary of the biggest changes

  • pthreads modifications bring SMP performance improvements
  • hibernation support for i386 with pciide and wd disk
  • nginx is now in the base system with apache 1.3
  • Gnome 3.4.2
  • Xfce 4.10
  • Kde 3.5.10
  • Postgres 9.1
  • a lot more !

I plan to do a short review of this release soon

Raspberry PI on NetBSD (419 Views since 2012/10/22)

Hi visitor !


I'm not writing this post because NetBSD 6.0 is out, I should but I don't want to say the same thing as all the others blogs.

I'm writing about the state of the Raspberry PI on NetBSD. You should have seen in the 6.0 release notes that there is a support for it. YES, it may boot your PI, but you can only get a serial connection to your device and type some commands. Tere is a lot more work to do, but this seems promising !


Please find this thread from netbsd mailing list port-arm, there is a link to download a bootable image of netbsd for raspberry pi !


If you are interested about FreeBSD on raspberry pi you should follow this blog made by someone who wants to port FreeBSD to the PI. He made U-boot boot on the PI and boot FreeBSD, but the support seems a bit behind NetBSD.

For OpenBSD, no port planned. And DragonFly doesn't exist on ARM.


Extra : I know this is not BSD, but you can run RISC OS on the Raspberry PI (I tried and it works wonderfully !) The forum thread is here



PC-BSD release 9.1-RC2 (192 Views since 2012/10/11)

PC-BSD 9.1 RC2 has been released last day.


What changed from the last Release Candidate :

  • Fixed multiple bugs where mice freeze or behave incorrectly.
  • Fixed language selection to be displayed as native language.
  • Compatibility improvements for PS2 mice.
  • Fixed time-out issues with External DVD Drive / USB Drives.
  • Updated system proxy paths and functionality.
  • Updated sound detection functionality.
  • Added mp3 / ogg encoders to CD rippers.
  • Added detection for NVIDIA Optimus systems.
  • Added options for cups-base, to fix an issue with many printers printing blank pages when using ghostscript for pdftops conversion.
  • Improved sys-manager to only update ports tree if it already is checked out.
  • Improvements to the wardens functionality and stability.  Improved jail importing functionality.
  • Added "Update All" button for AppCafe.
  • Graphical enhancements for EasyPBI.

Click here for the announcement


I don't have any opinion about this 9.1 release as it doesn't work on any of my laptops. I can install it but once I boot it the first time, X crash and the computer reboot, and there are nothing in the logs.

OpenBSD 5.2 pre-order (194 Views since 2012/09/24)

OpenBSD 5.2 will be released soon. You can pre-order it now on this page.

Here is a small list of the most significant changes :

  • pthreads modifications bring SMP performance improvements
  • hibernation support for i386 with pciide and wd disk
  • nginx is now in the base system with apache 1.3
  • Gnome 3.4.2
  • Xfce 4.10
  • Kde 3.5.10
  • Postgres 9.1
  • a lot more !

The full announce and changelog can be found here.

PC-BSD release 9.1-RC1 (218 Views since 2012/08/17)

The PC-BSD system has released a first release candidate for its future 9.1 version.

You can find a mirror on this link : http://www.pcbsd.org/getmirrors.php?url=9.1-RC1

I don't know much about the differences between the beta and the release candidate as the PC-BSD blog doesn't have announced this yet.

Happy testing !

NetBSD now supports Raspberry pi (260 Views since 2012/08/14)

One developper of the NetBSD team has successfully ported NetBSD to the Raspberry PI board. As you can see in this changelog NetBSD 5 -> 6 the support has been merged into the source tree.

I don't really now if it works well, from a "dmesg" posted on their mailing list it seems to work, at least in console mode.


On the FreeBSD side, it seems to works only with a serial console, from what I understand. (link)

Minecraft craftbukkit 1.3.1 on FreeBSD (250 Views since 2012/08/08)

If you are running Minecraft with craftbukkit on a FreeBSD system, you have certainly noticed that the server isn't working with the latest version 1.3.

If you have a message in the console "Invalid argument" when someone is trying to connect, you can fix this by adding the parameter "-Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true" to your java command line.


FreeBSD success story (460 Views since 2012/08/04)

I'd like to tell you a story.

I'm running a Minecraft server for a community since nearly two years, and we have been facing a lot of problems during this long time.

For those who don't know Minecraft, it's a game where there is no real goal, you can play in multi-player, break things and make the world as you want with blocks. It's fun, and special.

The bad thing in Minecraft is that it's all coded in Java, even the server side. Minecraft server eat all your memory, your disk bandwidth, your disk space, your network and ONE CPU (yeah, it doesn't run on multiples CPU).

First, we had a tiny RPS (Real Private Server, which was a real machine with a network disk). We could barely have one Minecraft server with more than twenty players. One day, without warn, we had a crash with our Ext4 /home. It was difficult to backup because a Minecraft Map could make a few gigabytes split in thousands of files. We were doing backup by ftp at a slow speed to reduce the server disk usage. It was a pain!

Then, we switched the server to a new one, quad core, sixty gigabytes of ram and two terabytes of disk. This time, I chose FreeBSD because I knew that it would work greatly ! Linux could have worked too, maybe we could have more performance, but it would not be as easy to manage as our FreeBSD box.

With ZFS snapshots, we backup our map every hour. In case of BIG CRASH, we can restore everything quickly. Java is working very fine on the server side, the server never crashed, even with two Minecraft server on (each server is using 7 Gb of memory). We are also using compressed ZFS pools for the maps, it reduces the load drastically.

I just can't imagine how to do this with another system. How could I save the map without disk latency on our server? We are also running a lot of daemons like "Mumble" for multi-player VO-IP, lighttpd as web server with php-fpm and lisp web server.

We were also available when the leap-second bug occurred the 2th of July, where a lot of Linux systems were overloaded due to a bug causing Java or Mysql to take all the cpu.

With FreeBSD, we don't know any software limitation for the things we need.

Welcome on Planet-bsd (12920 Views since 2012/08/03)

Dear reader,

This is the first post on Planet-BSD portal.

We will try on this website to keep you informed about the news of the differents BSD projects. I hope you'll even find some tutorials on BSD systems soon here.

The design of this website will stay clear, I may add some images later, maybe, but if you want to read this from a text based browser, you'll see that it's as readable as a man page !

Our hosting is OVH, the server is in France and is powered by FreeBSD. The website is coded in LISP and run with the SBCL compiler.

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